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    פוזיט קופות ממוחשבות ופתרונות לעסקיםContact us
    פוזיט קופות ממוחשבות ופתרונות לעסקים

    Everything in one place

    All the most advanced cashier solutions
    To manage your business, you are in one place.

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    A computerized box in the cloud
    Back Office
    All information anywhere and anytime
    24/7 support and updates

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    פתרונות קופה מתקדמים

    box1 box2 box3
    קופה חכמה

    Manage your business
    anytime, anywhere

    Our solutions allow you to control
    On running your business remotely and at any given time.

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    פוזיט פתרונות מתקדמים לסליקת כרטיסי אשראי וקופות ממוחשבות

    Get reports and data
    In real time

    Our BI PLUS system shows you real-time business data.

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    בדיקה בדיקה

    Unnecessary expenses

    We charge fair prices, and you pay
    Only by the amount of use of the business.

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    Hundreds of businesses have chosen us, and you?

    Hundreds of business owners chose to optimize their business with our solutions

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